CONGO - CAMEROON, "Mission Moll 1905-1907... - Lot 44 - Boisgirard - Antonini

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CONGO - CAMEROON, "Mission Moll 1905-1907... - Lot 44 - Boisgirard - Antonini
CONGO - CAMEROON, "Mission Moll 1905-1907 Congo - Cameroon". Album of about 289 silver prints of the period mounted on strong blotting paper. Captioned in ink on labels pasted on the mount. Bound in red percaline, half garnet chagrin with corners, spine decorated with gilt fillets, title in gilt letters on the spine and in cold letters on the first board, untrimmed. The present copy bears, on a flyleaf, an autograph sending signed by Henri Moll to Marcel Saint-Germain, lawyer and senator of Algeria in Oran from 1900 to 1920. Views of the following ethnic groups: Pandés, Bayas of the South, Labbis, M'Boums, Bayas of the North, Moundans, Toubouris in the following countries, Congo, Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria.
Album: 55 x 44 cm; Images: various sizes 5.5 x 8 cm to 22.5 x 36 cm
Commander Henri Moll (1871-1910) was commissioned in 1905 by the French government to delimit, in concert with a German mission, the border of Cameroon and Congo. For 18 months, on foot, Moll traveled this border among the hostile peoples. This mission was carried out with Captain von Seefried and Lieutenant von Reitzenstein. The border agreement was signed on 18 April 1908 in Berlin. "Charged with gathering information on the economic and social organization of the region, they will also take a close interest in the customs of the natives. The cameras they carried in their luggage proved to be precious allies. Determined never to use weapons, Moll managed to coax the most fierce tribes. Such respect often guarantees him the warm welcome of the tribes whose territories he crosses. The mission thus made a prolonged stay among the Baya. Having never seen a white man, the natives were at first terrified, then they invited the French to enter their villages, which consisted of round huts with roofs
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