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Boisgirard - Antonini

The origins of the BOISGIRARD-ANTONINI auction house date back to 1934. Since then, three generations of auctioneers, René, Claude and Isabelle BOISGIRARD and Pierre-Dominique ANTONINI in 2012, have worked to develop the structure.

Strongly anchored in Paris, we are one of the most important shareholders of DROUOT where we carry out our activity with more than 30 sales per year.

Always in search of a wider clientele and new buyers, at the end of the 1990s and beginning of 2000, our sales house developed alliances in the United States, mainly with DOYLE in New York. An office on the spot allows us to receive our North American customers throughout the year.

Since 2000, we have developed a regional presence in France by opening a structure on the French Riviera in Nice where we organize about ten sales per year.

We are also present in the South West of France where we organize a large summer sale in the prestigious Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz every year in August.  

This dynamism and presence have enabled us to disperse prestigious collections such as: RENAND, MANOUKIAN, FEUARDENT, WEISSENBERG, HORNY Château d'AUNEAU, Château de MAREIL LE GUYON or the KELEKIAN collection.

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