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Sunday, November 27, 2022 14:00
Selling expenses : 28.8% VAT included

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If you can't come to the exhibition days, condition reports are possible and strongly recommended. For all your INFORMATION REQUEST and CONDITION REPORTS please contact us by email at contact@ba-nice.com No claims will be accepted if you have not requested a condition report beforehand. ! No purchase orders will be taken into account by going through the study email directly! Please register via our website boisgirard-antonini.com or INTERENCHERES SOME LOTS ARE SUBJECT TO CONTROL. THEY CAN ONLY BE COLLECTED AFTER THE RETURN OF THE GUARANTEE OFFICE. PAYMENT -------- 1. ONLINE BY CREDIT CARD on our secure website https://www.boisgirard-antonini.com and then click on the NICE PAYMENT tab 3. BANK TRANSFER: information on the slip and the email received after the sale 4. BANK CARD at the office only or on the internet - we do not do credit cards remotely IMPORTANT : Any auction slip remaining unpaid at the SVV BOISGIRARD-ANTONINI or having been the subject of a delay in payment will lead to the registration of the defaulting buyer in the TEMIS File : national file of bad payers forbidding bidding anywhere in France thereafter PACKAGING AND SHIPPING -------- The firm does not shuttle between Nice and Paris The study does not carry out the packing and shipping of the lots, we invite you to contact : ‣ MAIL BOXES - Mbe013@mbefrance.fr - or any other carrier of your choice. STORAGE --------- Storage fees are offered up to 15 days after the sale. Once this period is exceeded, storage fees will be applied AUTOMATICALLY at a rate of 3€ per day per item. Please contact a carrier as soon as you receive the bill of lading. Please inform us as soon as the transport is organized.

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